Reasons for compensation

Has your holiday or important business trip been ruined because of delayed or cancelled flights? Then you may be entitled to compensation.

Compensation 4 Flights specialise in flight delay claims in accordance with EU regulation 261/2004

We understand that for many people making a claim against an airline can be a very daunting experience. Our expert solicitors are here to make it easy for you to get the compensation you deserve.


How much compensation you receive will depend on the length of your journey and the duration of your delay. To claim, your flight must have taken off or landed in the EU or your airline must be based in the EU.

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Up to €250 per person
Up to €400 per person
Up to €600 per person

Airlines are known to overbook flights and, in some cases, deny passengers boarding against their will as there are not enough seats on the plane. You may be entitled to compensation.

If you missed your connection OR were re-routed due to delayed flights, denied boarding or flight cancellation, then you may be entitled to compensation.

If your flight has been delayed over 3 hours within the last 6 years then you may be entitled to a compensation.

If one of your flights is cancelled. You may be eligible to claim compensation. The airline has a duty of care to ensure that a replacement flight is arranged.